Home Farm Installations

Feed yourself and your community.


Farm at Home

Home Farm Installations are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Love Fed Initiative currently offers affordable garden beds for households that request an installation.

We are done with home farm installations for 2018 and will continue with this project in Spring of 2019. Feel free to fill out the form below in order to be considered for a home farm installation for 2019.

The Process:

  1. Request

    • Form > Schedule consultation via Calendly + Email

  2. Consultation

    • Crop Planning + Soil Tests + Site Inspection

  3. Installation

    • Scheduled via Calendly, Email + Phone

  4. Support

    • Online Resources

      • Invite to Facebook Group & Mobilize

    • Classes + Workshops

    • Events

    • Troubleshooting + Assistance

Pay It Forward

An equity-driven option for individuals and organizations alike who would like to pay for assistance in starting their own garden space that also goes towards home farm installations for households most affected by food apartheid within the greater New Haven community.

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